Movies I Still Remember

Hey guys! I just finished watching the movie Little Miss Sunshine for the second time. I still like the movie as much as I did when I saw it for the first time! It’s just one of those movies you can’t easily forget – at least, I can’t. Watching Little Miss Sunshine made me remember another movie I still haven’t forgotten. Wanna know which one? Read more!


Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine


Little Miss Sunshine is about Olive and her weird family. Olive get’s selected for a beauty contest in California called “Little Miss Sunshine”. It’s a long drive, filled with sad, happy and ofcourse funny moments. Thanks to the variety of characters in the movie it wasn’t hard to keep my eyes on the screen. Take uncle Frank (guy in the white clothes on the picture), who tried to kill himself. Sounds sad, huh? Nah, he’s a pretty funny guy.

Talking about the characters, I think the cast was very good! Abigail Breslin (Olive) was very cute and Steve Carell (uncle Frank) really did look mentally ill! I also loved the soundtrack of this movie. It fit perfectly to the scenes in my opinion!

The plot was funny and so sweet at the same time. The movie begins with introducing all the characters, which I think was very well done. All the characters (except for the mother) have their own background story, which you all slowly get to know throughout the movie. The family, who weren’t really connecting at the beginning, really became a family at the ending.

I still remembered this movie because it was funny, touching, and uh, the little girl is just heart-warming. ❤


i am sam

This is litterally the most touching movie I have EVER seen. Yes, even more touching than the movie Hachiko. “What, nooo, that’s impossible!” No it isn’t!

Sam is  mentally handicapped; he only has the mental capacity of a seven year old, which basically means he’s as smart as a seven year old. He works at Starbucks and has a daughter with a homeless women, who he named Lucy Diamond (after the Beatles’ song). The homeless women, however, ran of as soon as she was born. The problems start when Lucy turns seven – she is basically as old as her dad now. After several problems before, Lucy gets taken by a social worker, allowing Sam to only visit her twice a week. He convinces an expensive lawyer to work on the case pro bono (without payment)  – she agrees because she wants to prove she’s not heartless.

Can I give my respect to Sean Penn for playing Sam SO well? He was so convincing! Dakota Fanning, who played Lucy, also played really good as a girl who actually has way too much responsibility for her age and understands way more than she should. Heartless lawyer Michelle Pfeiffer (Rita Harrison) was also a really good heartless women. What I also like about this movie is that she’s not just a cold-hearted b****, but she also has a background story.

I can still remember this movie really good because it actually made me cry several times… And I’m not even a person who gets really emotional when whatching movies, so trust my word on this; it’s a beautiful movie.


Thanks for reading, please leave a comment 🙂 ❤ xx



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