20 questions TAG!


I didn’t have much inspiration for this post so I googled for soms cool tags 🙂 I found this 20 questions TAG at tagsforeverybody.blogspot.nl. Sooo… let’s begin, shall we 😀


1. One thing you cannot leave the house without?

Handbag. It doesn’t matter if it’s only my wallet and/or my phone that’s in it, I need a bag because without it I feel naked.


2. Favourite brand of make-up?

I don’t use that much make-up so this is a hard one. I guess it has to be Rimmel ’cause I LOVE their nailpolishes! I’ve also got a really nice mascara from Rimmel soooo yeah :p


3. Favourite flowers?

Uh… roses I guess? Mainstream, I know, but I don’t have favourite flowers.


4. Favourite clothing stores?

I love Primark (who doesn’t?) ’cause it’s not expensive. Some stuff is not really good quality either, but most of it is okay. And the skinny jeans are just perfect, skinny AND supercomfy. I also like H&M, they’ve got really cute stuff  🙂


5. Favourite parfume?

Don’t have a favourite! I’m into sweet scents, but not like “hey I’m a lollipop”-sweet. You know what I mean? No? Oh.


6. Heels or flats?

HEELS BECAUSE I’M LIKE A DWARF AND I WILL ALWAYS BE (I almost reached my maximum length and I’m 13, kinda depressing).


7. Do you make good grades?

My grades are quite good actually! It’s not like I get straight A’s, but at most subjects I get a 7 or an 8 out of 10.


8. Favourite colours?

My favorite colors are green and red. Mint-green to be precisely. And… normal red… or something?


9. Do you drink energy drinks?

I only drank energy drink once or twice. It’s waaaaaay to sweet and I was at a sleepover bouncing like a basketball on that couch. Nope, energy drinks are not for me!


10. Do you drink juice?

Uhm yeah, it’s delicious! *insert sass emoji here*


11. Do you like swimming?

It’s not my favorite thing to do because I’m really bad at it, but with friends it’s fun! When it gets hot outside the swimmingpool suddenly becomes my best friend…


12. Do you eat fries with a fork?



13. What’s your favourite moisturizer?

That one… you know… that moisturizes my skin… I dunno…


14. Do you want to get married later on in life?

“I do.” And I wanna have kids. Hehehehe.


15. Do you get mad easily?

Usually not, but when I’m tired and my twinbrother storms in to freeze me with ice-cold spray (for sore muscles or so), you’ve got one pissed girl!


16. Are you into ghost-hunting?

No! I’m not here for a discussion if ghosts exist or not (I don’t think they do?) but if they do, why hunt them? Leave the pour souls alone D’:


17. Any phobias?

Not that I know about! Yay!


18. Do you bite your nails?

No, and I’m glad I don’t! It’d be really annoying if you’re trying to grow some nails but you keep eating them off.


19. Have you ever had a near dead experience?

Does dropping my phone and getting a heart-attack count, because I don’t have anything else really..


20. Do you drink coffee?

Coffee is nasty and bitter and eeeewwwwwww. That’s a no.


So that was it guys, hope you enjoyed reading this tag and until next week! xx









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